Replacement of Ceiling Fan Switch

What is Ceiling Fan Switch?

A fan’s manufacturer, style, and time of creation all affect how it is used and how it is operated in control manner. using techniques is Called Ceiling Fan Switch, due or some technical issue need to be replacement of ceiling Fan Switch. what are the types of Ceiling Fan Switch as:

Procedure of Replacement a Ceiling Fan Switch :

Control by pull-chain or pull-cord.

For domestic fans, this is the most typical mode of operation. This type of fan has a metal-bead chain or fabric cord that, when pulled, cycles it through the operational speed(s) before returning to off. Although the speed range can be anywhere from one to four, these fans normally have three speeds (high, medium, and low).

3 speed 4 wire ceiling fan switch wiring diagram

3 speed 4 wire ceiling fan switch wiring diagram

How do replacement of Ceiling Fan Switch

  • First have to be identified the Ceiling Fan Switch
Replacement of Ceilingn Fan Switch
  • Unscrew the assembly of Ceiling Fan Switch Box
Assembly Switch
Assembly Switch
  • Pick up new Ceiling Switch and Check the three control stages.
Assembly Switch
  • Remove the corresponding colour wire, not to be cut !
Remove the corresponding colour wire, not to be cut !
  • Insert corresponding Colour wire in respective port.
Remove the corresponding colour wire, not to be cut !
  • Finally placed the ceiling switch into the body of ceiling fan and tight the similar nut which was unscrewed at the time of opening.
Ceiling fan Switch
Ceiling fan Switch
  • Cover the cap of Fan as it is….Ceiling fan is ready after replacement of Switch
Remove the corresponding colour wire, not to be cut !

In case, if you want to see the video of practical replacement of ceiling fan switch so a vedio at

Practice all about Practical user experience.

How to balance a ceiling fan?

Before attempting any of these techniques, always make sure that the fan is turned off.

Tightening the down rod and fan screws should be done first. Tighten the screws after removing the canopy cover from the fan. Next, examine the screws holding the motor together.

How to balance a ceiling fan?

Additionally, the fan blade screws need to be tightened.

Balance screws need to be tightened

Measure the distance from the fan’s bottom to the ceiling. The distance between each blade and the ceiling ought to be the same. Check to determine if the fan is balanced by turning on the electricity.

Measurement from ceiling

If not, a fan balancing kit is required. The clip should first be positioned on the back edge of each blade, halfway between the blade holder and the blade’s farthest tip.
Check to see if the wobbling blade stops when the fan is turned on. To identify the unbalanced blade, repeat the procedure on each blade.

Balancing Kit

Move the clip along the blade once you’ve located it, then try it to see where it works best. Once this is established, align a balancing weight with the clip in the blade’s middle. Test the fan once again after removing the clip.

If none of these fixes the wobble, it might be time to get in touch with a certified expert.


Do bladeless fans use a lot of electricity?

The basic operation of bladeless fans is to draw in air and push it out. They are therefore energy efficient and do not use a lot of electricity. Consequently, you won’t need to be concerned about rising electricity prices!

Are fans healthier than air conditioning?

Health: While air conditioners produce cold air by removing moisture from outside air, fans circulate fresh air throughout your home. It’s likely that the fresh air outside is healthier for you than the chilly air produced by an air conditioner, unless you reside in a region with poor air quality.

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